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Planning Advice Note: Preventing suicides in high rise buildings and structures

Report of the Director of the Environment Department.


The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director of Environment presenting a guidance note advising developers how to minimise the risk of suicide attempts in their proposed high-rise buildings and structures. The Executive Director of Environment introduced the report and drew Members’ attention to the key points. The Chairman thanked officers for this critical work and sought the Committee’s approval.


A Member noted the use of both four storeys and ten metres as a measurement of height and suggested that their usage should be made consistent throughout the guidance note if buildings of four storeys or more were always at least ten metres in height.


A Member added that the use of this guidance as a standard planning note would be an important aspect going forward. Another Member suggested that links to relevant organisations from whom developers could seek advise on suicide be added to the guidance note, and that further consideration could be given to the use of balustrades.


RESOLVED – That the Planning & Transportation Committee approve the Preventing Suicides in High Rise Buildings and Structures Planning Advice Note attached at Appendix 1 as a material planning consideration.

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