Agenda item

Establishment of a Special Sub Committee

Report of the Town Clerk


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk recommending the establishment of a special sub-committee to determine an application in respect of London Wall Car Park. The Comptroller and City Solicitor introduced the report, providing some background and outlining the reasons for the proposal. The Comptroller and City Solicitor added that as the application was unlikely to be ready for the Committee meeting on 7 June, it was proposed that the recommendation be amended to approve the establishment of a sub committee to consider the application at a date to be determined.


A Member suggested that agenda planning be undertaken so that the Special Sub Committee meeting take place after a lighter Grand Committee meeting, as this would facilitate better consideration of the application. The Member then asked the Comptroller and City Solicitor for advice as to whether dispensations were required for those living in the proximity of London Wall. The Comptroller and City Solicitor advised that they would advise the Member outside the meeting, as there was no universal rule on this matter.


The Chairman added his agreement that the Sub Committee meeting should follow a lighter Grand Committee meeting, or could be scheduled as a separate meeting, before drawing the Committee’s attention to the recommendations.


RESOLVED – That the Planning & Transportation Committee agree to:


  1. Establish a Special Sub Committee with the following Terms of Reference: to determine planning application reference: 21/00419/FULL;


  1. That the Special Sub-committee sits at the rising of the Planning and Transportation on a date to be determined; and


  1. That the Special Sub-committee be constituted of all Members of Planning and Transportation Committee.

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