Agenda item

Vote of Thanks

The Town Clerk to be heard.


Sir Michael Snyder moved a Vote of Thanks to Jamie Ingham Clark, the immediate past Chairman.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Members of this Committee take great pleasure in expressing to




For the able manner and good humour in which he has presided over their deliberations and the detailed attention and interest he has shown in all aspects of the work of the Finance Committee for the past year.


Jamie has overseen a challenging time for the Corporation’s finances with reductions in government funding, COVID pressures, and uncertain times for the British Economy.


The impact of COVID on the Corporation’s finances has been significant. One of the first casualties was the demise of the pan London Business Rates Pool due to lower rates collection across London. This pool was at the heart of London’s fiscal devolution.


However, out of the ashes Jamie secured, with the then Chair of Policy and seven neighbouring local authority partners a successful application to create an Eight Authority Pool- with the aim of keeping £35m of rates raised in London, in London. 


In his year as Chairman, Jamie also ably oversaw a 12% savings programme, in response to the damage to our income streams from the pandemic, ensuring that our medium-term financial plans can continue to support the City’s ambitious plans, including Destination City and the three major projects, namely, the Museum move, the combined courts, and the consolidation of our markets on a single site in Barking; in addition, working alongside the Chair of Policy and fellow Committee Chairmen, he ensured that resources were realigned to fund the Corporation’s ground-breaking Climate Action Strategy.


Jamie’s legacy is one of being tough on spending – ‘the envelope is the envelope’ was one of his mantra’s, but with pragmatism and a heart for protecting services for the most vulnerable in our local communities as well as providing vital support to those caught up in tragedies overseas through our International Disaster Fund.


In his March speech to Court, Jamie said ‘we spend on what we value’ and asked us to reflect on what our budget tells us about our priorities. There are big decisions to take to ensure that the Square Mile retains its position as the world’s most attractive destination for workers, residents and visitors and we will take Jamie’s words to heart as we embark on setting our corporate vision for the next five years and aligning resources to those priorities.


AND SO in taking leave of Jamie Ingham Clark as their Chairman, Members of this Finance Committee wish to thank him for his service and excellent leadership of the Corporation’s financial affairs during this challenging period. The Committee gives to him their best wishes for his future health and happiness.