Agenda item

Proposed sustainable management of the Golder's Hill Park Zoo

Report of the Executive Director, Environment


Members received a report of the Executive Director, Environment relative to the proposed sustainable management at Golder’s Hill Park Zoo.


A Member (Heath & Hampstead Society) said that the direction being taken by the Zoo was a good one, as was a strong case for a zoo focused on British wildlife rather than putting wild animals in cages. They said that they hoped that the report author could make it clear that, during the transitional period, the Zoo had a duty of care to the exotic animals in its collection. An Officer replied that as part of the Licences Act, the Zoo was required to have an ethics committee. This committee meets twice a year and its members have substantial experience. All decisions on stock management go through the committee.


A Member (Hampstead Rugby Club) asked if there were any plans on concessions. An Officer replied that the prices had been set but that there was a volunteering programme open to everyone.


RESOLVED, that – Members of the Hampstead Heath Consultative Committee provide feedback on the preferred option and ancillary plans to include the change of use of the Butterfly House and the income generation options.



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