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Weddings and Civil Ceremonies - Assistant Directors Update

Executive Director, Environment.


Members received a report of the Executive Director, Environment, relative to the Assistant Director’s update on the hosting of weddings and civil ceremonies on Hampstead Heath.


A Member (South End Green Association) expressed concern about the number of weddings to be organised, as they did not want to see the pergola frequently closed to accommodate these. They requested that officers return to the Committee to update on the planned numbers. In reply, an Officer said that the main issues would be keeping the capacity and frequency of events in balance.


A Member (Friends of Kenwood) asked for further information on the costs of weddings and the revenue they brought in, and for clarification on the maximum capacity for weddings. An officer confirmed that capacity was capped at 100 guests. With regards to the financial elements, the fees and charges is information in the public realm, and ranges depending on the type of wedding. With regards to revenue, this was commercially sensitive information and so the Officer did not provide an update.


A Member (Hampstead Conservation Area Advisory Committee) suggested that thought should be put in to creative ways to increase revenue when the contracts were put out for procurement.


RESOLVED, that - Members provide feedback in relation to the proposal set out in para 12 of the report.


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