Agenda item

Draft Divisional Plan 2022-25


A Member (Highgate Society) said that they were pleased that archaeological interpretations were going to be included, and suggested that the wording could be amended to clarify it. They said that there was a need to produce a full survey of known archaeological monuments across the Heath. They would also like to see a commitment to maintaining long-term ecological commitments. In regards to item 10, they hoped that they would be able to work with others on that item. With regards to item 14, they hoped that visitor engagement would be accompanied by a public information and communication programme.


The Assistant Director said the Natural Environment Department was conducting a wide survey and audit at a divisional level, which would help to develop appropriate plans. With regards to visitor engagement, this would underpin new ways of working for Natural Environment, which was looking to conduct a more strategic approach.


A Member (Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association) asked for an update on fundraising. The Assistant Director replied that fundraising was one of a number of focused workstreams for how the Natural Environment department could work strategically.


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