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A Member (Hampstead Conservation Area Advisory Committee) commented that the data set on journeys round the Heath from schools was taken from private schools rather than general schools local to the Heath. For private schools to expand, they need to have proposals for green ways for pupils to get to school. The Chair asked if any further data was expected. In reply, the Assistant Director said that this was the data that had been provided by the London Borough of Camden. She would feed back to Camden on possible further data from other schools, but was not sure on their capacity to provide this.


A Member (Heath & Hampstead Society) expressed their view that the data was inadequate and was biased towards certain schools and socio-economic classes. They felt it should contain further information on all the schools neighbouring the Heath, and consider all the ways in which students travelled across the Heath.


A Member (London Council for Sports and Recreation) said that the scheme was a way to contribute towards the reduction of rush hour traffic.


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