Agenda item

City of London Police Update

The Commissioner of the City of London Police to be heard.


Members received an update of the Commissioner of the City of London Police (CLP) and the following points were made:


a)    CLP was not able to progress the meeting to review Operation Luscombe due to staffing issues. The meeting will now take place before the end of July.

b)    The Metropolitan Police will participate in the review, which will begin in the Southwark Borough. They have also encouraged boroughs Bethnal Green and Hackney to reconsider using Operation Luscombe, which will ensure a consistent approach in the boroughs surrounding the London metropolitan area.

c)     CLP met with the British Transport Police to discuss their commitment to using Luscombe.

d)    CLP have secured two days for Officers to issue Luscombe tickets to people found begging within the City.


RESOLVED - That the update be noted.