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*City of London Police Workforce Update and Police Uplift Programme

Report of the Commissioner.


The Committee received a presentation from the Commissioner of Police regarding the Workforce Update and the Year 3 Police Uplift Plan.


The Chair commented that he was content that the new leadership team have a grip on this, and that the Committee now had a strong oversight of the workforce concerns. In addition, it was observed that the final position needed to be that an effective establishment which is within budget. Responding to this it was confirmed that the City of London Police Chief Officers would be taking forward this work in the Corporate Services Review.


The Committee requested that a report be provided to the Committee detailing on how vacancies affect the delivery of the City of London Police’s operation priorities


The Chair of the Police Authority Board commented that progress needed to be made on the increasing diversity in the workforce. It was confirmed that this had been raised as a risk in the Year 3 programme but noted it would be a challenge to address the Metropolitan Police were also undergoing a uplift programme.


Responding to the presentation on the Police Uplift Programme the Chair commented that the City of London Police should highlight their unique offering.


A Committee Member noted the success of eight-week enablers campaign had been and were the enabling functions able to continue this level of support. Replying to this each it was confirmed that in going into year three a dedicated team was established to address this and that each of the enabling functions required for the uplift had been funded on a fixed term basis.


Replying to a Member’s question it was confirmed that the nine hundred and nighty five positions, as demonstrated on page fifty three of the agenda, was a complete refection of the required uplift.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.



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