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Internal Audit Update

Report of the Head of Internal Audit.


The Committee considered a report of the Head of Internal Audit regarding the Internal Audit Update.


The Chair requested further information on future funding of the City of London Police noting particularly the impact of increased inflation. Responding to this it was confirmed that the impact of inflation was being assessed across the City of London Corporation as a corporate risk and would be addressed in the Medium-Term Financial Plan (MTFP) risks.


Responding to a query the Chair’s question it was confirmed the Operating Level Agreement (OLA) was due to be presented for Chief Officer approval.


The Chair of the Police Authority Board observed there would be a review brought to the Committee on the Police Authority’s governance arrangements.


The Committee discussed that the position regarding the funding and savings risk for the City of London Police. Officers noted that there was a significantly improved financial risk for the City of London Police however more work would be required with regard to providing assurance on savings plans which would be reflected in the next report for Committee. The Chair of the Police Authority Board observed that measures required to give the Committee assurance on this would need to be appropriately addressed in the MTFP and that clear policy on the use of reserve. It was explained that the proposal was to combine a number of earmarked reserves into central reserves to provide better control and oversite from the Police Authority Board.


The Committee agreed it was comfortable for savings to be achieved by holding posts open against approved operational budgets as it was not an effective long term strategic approach.


The Head of Internal Audit confirmed that he considered it fair and balanced for City of London Police Governance Arrangements to be rated as Green.


The Police Authority Board commented that there needed to be an appropriate reporting plan for the Workforce Plan.  


Replying to a comments from the Committee on the Froward Programme of Work it was clarified that specific reviews on the concerns raised would be completed rather than increasing the scope of existing reviews.


RESOLVED- That the outcomes of completed Internal Audit work and the forward programme of Internal Audit work be noted.

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