Agenda item

Working Party Updates

To receive the minutes/reports of the RCC’s various working parties.


The Committee received the following updates from the RCC’s Working Parties.


In response to a questions about the fountains on the lakeside, lower lake and the waterfall, which had been raised at the last meeting of the RCC, Members noted that leaseholders contribute 85% to the cost of  the maintaining of the lakes, the same proportion as for garden maintenance.  However, in the past, the cost of works such as de-silting had been shared between the Estate and the Centre; i.e.  at 42.5% to the Estate.  It was suggested that this might be inequitable, and the Member asked for consultation with the residents and for the position to be monitored.   Members also noted that the Lakeside area in front of the School and the Centre is not included in the service chargeable area. 

The Assistant Director advised that he would raise this at his next regular meeting with the Arts Centre. Members were reminded of the formal Section 20 Consultation, which would capture both residents and the Arts Centre.  However, Section 20 Consultation is fairly limited and consultation carried out by the Estate Office Consultation always exceeds this.