Agenda item

Concierge and Barbican Estate Office Service Update

Assistant Director, Barbican and Property Services to be heard.


The Assistant Director provided some background on this matter, for the benefit of the new Members.  Members noted that, at the last meeting of the BRC, the Committee had been asked to approve the collection of an interim payment, from the leaseholders of terrace blocks, to enable further options to be considered in terms of savings targets and the Car Park Attendants. However, further legal advice had suggested that this might result in a challenge.  Therefore, the additional amount would not be taken at this stage, and other options were being explored to put to Members.


The Barbican Association and Barbican Residents’ Consultation Committee had agreed to a wholesale review of the Estate Office, which was underway.  The Leaseholders Service Charge Working Party would soon see a first draft, to present to a Special Meeting of the BRC.   The Town Clerk explained that meetings can only be held during the summer recess in exceptional circumstances but Members were very keen to see this matter resolved.  As the quorum is made up of voting, non-resident members, the Town Clerk advised that  it would be possible to run this meeting as a hybrid, with the resident Members joining remotely, provided that a quorum of non-resident Members was present.  The Chair thanked the officers and welcomed the progress on this matter, noting that the residents hold car park attendants in very high regard.