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Workforce and Police Uplift Programme Update

Report of the Commissioner of Police.


The Board received a report of the Commissioner regarding the Workforce and Police Uplift Programme Update.


It was noted that the report had been discussed at the Resource, Risk and Estates Committee meeting in May. The Chair of the Resource, Risk and Estates Committee noted the progress in aligning the workforce with the budget commenting that the Committee were now more confident regarding this but that further work continued in this area.


Responding to concerns raised by the Board it was confirmed that the Force would work with the Human Resources Department on how best the Force can report on the Workforce Plan to Resource, Risk and Estates Committee including dashboard reporting. In addition, the internal governance of the Workforce Plan was explained, and format of the corporate services review was clarified.


A Member observed that it was vital to maintain strong oversight of this Programme building in milestones to monitor success. Responding to this the Board were informed of the internal governance and monitoring processes concerning the City of London Police Uplift Programme, adding that Home Office stress tests on the Plans had been completed without significant concerns being raised.


It was confirmed that updates would continue to be provided to the Board on the Workforce Plan and the Police Uplift Programme with consideration given to including high level Uplift Programme data in the Commissioner’s update.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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