Agenda item

Outstanding Actions

Members are asked to note the Outstanding Actions list.


Members received the report of the Clerk.


‘Member estate visits’ – the meeting heard that visits were scheduled for 11 July 2022, and that further visits would be organised.


‘Great Arthur House – cladding works’ – the meeting heard that a detailed report, including background information, on the issue was to be submitted to the Community & Children’s Services Committee at the end of July 2022. That would include recommendations for future action to avoid such a situation arising again.


‘Vehicle charging points at Middlesex Street and Golden Lane’ – a report on this is expected in October 2022 to include infrastructure considerations. A Member commented that it was important to ensure that charging points were not located at sites that were likely to change their purpose. A Member commented that  


‘Portsoken Community Centre’ – the WiFi issue has been resolved


‘Installation of Ring doorbells’ – a report is expected in October 2022.  


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