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Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received the report of the Clerk.


Dockless vehicles: A Member sought clarification on whether the Corporation was making representations with a view to regularising their use (including compulsory insurance/lights for example) and the meeting heard that such representations were expected to be made.


Beech St: The meeting heard that traffic levels were being monitored in the area. Consultations are ongoing with LBI and a range of options are being explored, resulting in some delays to the process. The meeting heard that the main obstacle to launching a consultation was the obtention of an agreed approach with LBI.


A Member asked whether one-way restrictions would be helpful in achieving reduced pollution levels. The meeting heard that compromises were being explored during discussions. 


TfL London Bridge Experimental Scheme: Further reports were expecting to be submitted during 2022, and the process is continuing as fast as possible given the legal issues involved. A report is expected to be submitted to the September 2022 meeting of the Committee.  


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