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Managing Director's Update Report

Report of the Managing Director of Bridge House Estates (BHE)


The Board considered a report of the Managing Director of BHE providing an update on key areas of activity across the whole charity since the Board last met in April 2022 and outlining upcoming activities for the Board to note. The Managing Director of BHE introduced the report and drew Members’ attention to the key points, including the positive performance of the visitor attraction at Tower Bridge. The Board was reminded that a training session on the City Bridge Trust (CBT) grant application and assessment processes would precede the September Board meeting.


The Chair advised that he would seek expressions of interest from Members for their participation in workshops to take forward the Brand Positioning Project following the meeting, adding that part of the Board’s Strategic Away Half-Day would be allocated to this work.


RESOLVED – That the BHE Board, in the discharge of functions for the City Corporation as Trustee of Bridge House Estates (charity no. 1035628) and solely in the charity’s best interests:


i)              Endorse the approach and next steps to the Brand Positioning Project as outlined;


ii)             Agree that the Chair shall seek expressions of interest or nominations from the Board to support with the next phase of the Brand Positioning Project through their participation in a series of workshops; and,


iii)           Note the further contents of the report.

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