Agenda item

Open Spaces Change of Name Report

Report of the Executive Director Environment.



The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director Environment concerning changing the name of the Open Spaces and City Gardens Committee.


Members agreed that the new name of the Natural Environment Board was a more accurate reflection of the work of the Committee.


In response to a question, Members were informed that there would be a charity review which would consider the position of West Ham Park under the new operational structure.


Members expressed concern about the future of the governance of the City’s open spaces. A Member noted that the responsibilities of audit, HR and finance sit outside the remit of the Committee, and Members discussed the importance of carefully developing the new Terms of Reference to address the relationship of the Committee and those functions.


Members were informed that the Port Health and Environmental Services Committee’s aim includes safeguarding the air quality and the quality of the environment in the open spaces of the City.


The Chair reminded the Committee that, today, Members were only asked to instruct Officers across the Environment Division to begin developing a new Terms of Reference and that the Committee would be asked to discuss the proposed new Terms of Reference in more detail at a future meeting.


RESOLVED, that –

a)    Members approved the change of name for onward approval by the Court of Common Council and notification to the Charity Commission for change of name on the Charity Register.

b)    Officers were instructed to develop new Terms of Reference in line with the emerging Natural Environment strategies and in accordance with the requirements of the Charity Commission for consideration at a future Committee.

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