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Revenue Outturn 2021/22

Joint Report of the Chamberlain & Executive Director Environment.


The Committee received a joint report of the Chamberlain and Executive Director Environment concerning the revenue outturn for the services overseen by the Open Spaces and City Gardens’ Committee. This report was taken together with the Director’s Report at Item 5.


A Member requested more detail about the production of income in the City’s open spaces. Members noted that some of this information is confidential and that financial oversight of the open spaces lies with the Finance Committee. Members were informed that they utilise a strategy for the generation of charity income.


A Member stated that while currently the Corporation operates on the basis of deficit funding, it is possible that this could change to grant funding in the future, and that, in these circumstances, the strategic financial oversight would move to this Committee.


Members were informed that as part of the charity review, Officers are looking at the use of deficit funding and capital funds going forward.


The Committee noted that at page 18 of the agenda the text reads that the development at the West Ham Park nursery site has been approved when it should read that the option has been approved.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.

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