Agenda item

Summary of Natural Environment Away Day

Report of the Executive Director Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director Environment which provided a summary of the first Natural Environment away day and shared the outcome of the discussions held on the five strategies that had been proposed.


The Executive Director Environment thanked Members for their participation in discussions during the away day, which provided firm direction for the strategies listed in the report.


The Committee agreed on the need to use SMART goals when drafting the strategies to avoid repetition.


In response to a query, Members were informed that Officers were developing an action plan to explain how the strategies will be delivered. Members were also informed that the action plan will feed into the Natural Environment dashboard.


A Member proposed that the visitor strategy should be changed to ‘visitor experience strategy’ and that ‘community strategy’ should be renamed to ‘community and stakeholder engagement strategy’ to reflect its large remit including internal communications, public communications and marketing. The Member noted that a large part of conservation is planning and stated this should be reflected in the title of the conservation strategy.


RESOLVED, that –

a)    Members noted the summary of the away day held on 20 June 2022.

b)    Members instructed officers to develop the five draft strategies and to bring them back to a future committee for endorsement.

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