Agenda item

Housing Major Works Programme - Progress Report

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


The Committee received the report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


A Member asked whether sprinklers should be included in the report and whether there was a study on the effectiveness of sprinklers, and the meeting heard that sprinkler information would be included in future, and that a Gateway report was expecting to be submitted during 2022. The meeting heard that a Q&A ‘mythbusting’ information sheet had been circulated on sprinklers, noting that they were important safety devices and that a sprinkler project manager had been appointed.      


A Member asked whether advance orders had been placed in view of the probably cost increase in doors, as discussed in earlier meetings.  The meeting heard that only two blocks were outstanding as far as surveys were concerned, and that advance orders would be placed once the final figures had been received.


Customer satisfaction surveys on doors had revealed that the satisfaction rate was 99.6% rate (with a 69% response rate).


On future programmes, a Member asked whether the Committee might be given the chance to debate the priority areas. The meeting heard that guidance would be provided on what is statutory in order to inform further debate.






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