Agenda item

Countryside Stewardship 2023 Applications Proposals (SEF 17/22b)

Report of the Executive Director, Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director Environment seeking approval of new financial initiatives not currently included in the Epping Forest Local Risk budget. 


Members were supportive of a need to make the applications. It was explained that certain areas would require additional support as the grant applications, if successful would not cover 100% of the funding required.  As part of the final proposal, additional areas would need factoring in when considering the Target Operating Model, staffing resource and money.  Members noted that proposals would be worked up and brought back to Committee giving a clearer idea of staff resources.


A Member remarked on there being no reference to inclusion within the proposals and it was clarified that the Government grant does not score in terms of involving the community and it was focussed on numbers and national habitat targets, however there will be an opportunity to build wider engagement, inclusivity and accessibility into delivery proposals at a later stage.  .


RESOLVED: That Members: -


·         Approve the preparation and consultation upon the three Countryside Stewardship applications for Epping Forest Part II, Wanstead Park and Epping Forest Buffer Land, subject to further final approval of the final applications.


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