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Middlesex Street Estate, London E1

Report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director


The Committee considered a report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director in respect of the Middlesex Street Estate, London E1 – specifically, the installation of external horizontal and vertical pipework across the site including: five vertical risers and pipework at levels two (podium level), four and six; elements of which will be boxed in and painted to match background materials.


The Town Clerk advised that the officer’s presentation had been circulated to Members in advance, before outlining the Committee’s usual procedure for the consideration of planning applications.


The Chief Planning Officer and Development Director then introduced the application to Members and presented the officer’s report, informing the Committee about the details of the scheme and its wider implications and outlining the reasons for the officer’s recommendation. The officer’s recommendation was that the Committee resolve to grant planning permission, in accordance with the details set out in the attached schedule.


Jason Hayes, on behalf of the City of London Corporation, addressed the Committee in support of the application. The proposals would facilitate heating and cold water internally, as the existing system was around 50 years old and at the end of its expected lifetime. The new system would be more efficient, save on running costs and make billing more accurate, as well as improving hygiene and reduce the risk of equipment failure.


The Chairman invited questions from the Committee of those speaking in support of the application, and there being none, then moved the Committee to debate the application. A Member commented that they understood why the scheme was being proposed, but that the scheme was hideous, and represented a poor delegation of standards. The Member added that the plans would be different elsewhere and would not be possible on the Barbican or Golden Lane Estates, and for those reasons they could not support it.


Arising from the discussion, the Chairman moved the Committee to a vote. The Committee then proceeded to vote on the recommendations, with 8 Members voting in favour of the recommendations, 2 Members voting against the recommendations, and 4 abstentions. The recommendations were therefore agreed.


RESOLVED - That planning permission be granted for the above proposal in accordance with the details set out in the attached schedule.

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