Agenda item

London Wall Car Park Joints and Waterproofing

Report of the Executive Director of Environment


The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director of Environment regarding a project to carry out essential waterproofing and repair works to the highway structure, in order to maintain structural integrity, utility and asset value at London Wall Car Park.


RESOLVED – That the Planning & Transportation Committee:


1.    Agree that additional budget of £ 129,000 is approved for staff costs, fees and investigations, as Table 1 below, in order to reach the next Gateway;


2.    Note the revised project budget of £ 141,000 (excluding risk) up to Gateway 5, including for costs expended prior to Gateway 3/4;


3.    Note the total estimated cost of the project at £1,784,000 (excluding risk);


4.    Agree that delegated authority is given to Chief Officer to appoint the successful contractor at Gateway 5 and to instruct the Comptroller and City Solicitor to enter into contract, subject to tendered works costs remaining within the £1,600,000 estimate provided by this report (or to instruct under the new highways term contract subject to satisfactory agreement of costs and the same proviso);


5.    That a Costed Risk Provision of £25,000 is approved at this stage to cover unforeseen conditions during further investigations, to be drawn down via delegation to the Assistant Director Engineering;


6.    That a total Costed Risk Provision of £200,000 is approved for use following Gateway 5, subject to tender costs remaining within budget, for expenditure against identified sums from the project risk registers against specified risks at the construction stage and to be drawn down to the Assistant Director Engineering; and


7.    That Option 3 is approved (implementation of waterproofing, expansion joint replacement and internal structural concrete repairs).

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