Agenda item

Questions on Matters Relating to the Work of the Committee


Access to Wardmotes

The Chairman noted that the Comptroller and City Solicitor had circulated a note to all on this matter after a question on it had been raised by one of the Aldermen. The Comptroller and City Solicitor remarked that there was a tenson here between transparency and what the actual purpose of these Wardmote meetings was. He added that, if they were to be opened up further then there were certain risks and other factors such as the amount of space available at certain venues and access/security arrangements that would also need to be taken into account. He added that this had not tended to be an issue previously and that people were generally granted access to Wardmotes in a proportionate and controlled way.


Honorary Bencher

In keeping with the previous Chairman’s practice of acknowledging new positions and accolades, the Chairman to congratulated Alderman Michael Mainelli on the unanimous decision of the benchers of the Middle Temple to elect him as an Honorary Bencher of the Inn.


The Chairman asked all Aldermen to keep him informed of any new  positions/accolades of their own so that they might also be brought to the attention of the Committee going forward.