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*Q1 Workforce /HR Monitoring Report- 2022-23

Report of the Commissioner.


The Committee received a report of the Commissioner on the Q1 Workforce /HR Monitoring Report- 2022-23.


In response to concerns expressed by the Committee, Officers explained the measures undertaken to mitigate operational impact of any staffing areas currently understrength.


The Committee discussed the comparatively poor diversity levels within the City of London Police in comparison to other UK Police Forces and requested that suggestions on how best to tackle this issue be prepared for consideration by the Professional Standard’s and Integrity Committee. Officers responded to say that the Force was doing everything that it could to attract recruits from diverse backgrounds as part of the Police Uplift Programme and the intakes in August 2022 had a high percentage of ethnic minorities. It was also emphasised by Officers that the pool from which the Force was recruiting, was the same for all forces nationally and that is part of the problem.


Following a suggestion by a Member of the Committee for secondment options for pupil barristers into the City of London Police officers confirmed that the Force was already exploring this as part of the Police uplift Programme Engagement.  


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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