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St Paul's gyratory programme G3

Report of the Executive Director Environment.


The meeting heard that the Amazon hub facility would not be progressed and that the application had been withdrawn.


A Member asked whether all possible modelling options had been considered, including Beech St options, and the meeting heard that other considerations would be taken into account given likely changes.


A Member sought clarification on the wider impact of service vehicles in the City, and commented that, realistically, minimal options were open given the developer funding available. The Member also asked whether funding might be available from other developers as a way of expanding the scheme. The meeting heard that no such funding had been sought so far, and that the modelling covered a wider area than was evident from the report. The meeting heard that a G4 report was expected in March 2023, at which point any developer contribution would be known.


The meeting heard that the area fell within a Business Improvement District and that dialogue around BID opportunities had been initiated.


A Member commented that a rat run could be created along Little Britain, and queried whether hospital access had been properly considered.


A Member commented that certainty on developer funding was needed.


A Member commented that there was mileage in exploring opportunities for further contributions in the event that Option 5 was taken.


RESOLVED, That the Committee:


1.    Note the revised project budget of £1,235,942 (excluding risk);

2.    Note the total estimated cost of the project at £10-22 million (excluding risk);

3.    Agree that Options 1, 3 and 4 be approved for further assessment and progressed to Gateway 4; and

4.    Note that funding is subject to the capital programme review, and that the final decision on whether to proceed will be dependent on the outcome of that review and approval by the Operational Property and Projects Sub-Committee.


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