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Report of the City Surveyor.


The Committee received a report of the City Surveyor concerning public lifts.


A Member referred to the London Wall up and down escalators and London Wall West. She commented that even the 27.42% of service did not tally with her own experience of these escalators not working all of the time. She questioned how, moving forwards, the reporting of this was intended to work. The City Surveyor reported that the Wood Street escalators were not within the City’s remit and that, as such, Officers did not see any service data related to them. It was reported that the City were in ongoing discussions with the managing agent for 125 London Wall about this. It was understood that these escalators had been brought back into service but had since failed again.


The Member responded to propose that there were clearly a number of escalators here that members of the public would assume the City had some remit for. She therefore requested a short paper as to which other escalators aside from Wood Street had similar issues and were not the City’s responsibility but were being used by those in the City and what the proposed solution to this might be.


RESOLVED – That Officers note the report.

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