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City & Hackney Health and Care Place Based Partnership - draft terms of reference

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services in respect of the draft Terms of Reference for the bodies that, as a whole, represent the City and Hackney ‘Place Based Partnership’. The report sought a delegated authority, to enable timely decision making, in the event of the next City and Hackney Health and Care Board falling before this Committee’s next meeting.  


During the discussion on this item, the following points were noted:


a)     Officers explained that the Terms of Reference would allow specific parties to agree Section 75 arrangements – which allow pooling of local authority and health funding.


b)     The Terms of Reference need to be refreshed as the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) no longer exists.  The Sub Committee will still be appointed by the Community and Children’s Services Committee and make  decisions with Hackney Members.


c)     Members requested a flow chart/organigram to illustrate the various structures.


d)     In response to a question about community and voluntary sector representation, it was noted that Hackney Council for Voluntary Service (HCVS) works close with City organisations and helps represent their views alongside partners such as City Healthwatch and City Connections. The Director of Public Health advised that HCVS is seeking to expand its City based community and non-profit organisations and is considering rebranding to reflect this.


e)     Strategies such as the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Better Care Fund will continue to provide strategic direction alongside links to the City’s Health and Wellbeing Boards.




1.               The draft Terms of Reference be noted.


2.               Authority be delegated to the Town Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, to approve the terms of reference for the City and Hackney place based partnership arrangements.


Supporting documents: