Agenda item

A blueprint for the Parliament Hill Lido

Report of Executive Director, Environment.


Members received a report of the Executive Director, Environment, providing a concept plan for Parliament Hill Lido. The Assistant Director explained that the proposed concept plan is not the final proposal but initially developed to visually highlight development opportunities and that the final design will need to be developed with users and stakeholders.


A Member (Representative of Clubs using facilities on the Heath) said it was important that the essence of the Lido was not forgotten in the blueprint for Parliament Hill. They also suggested that the customer journey can be improved. The Assistant Director agreed to take these comments back for review.


A Member (London Council for Recreation and Sport) said it was important to understand what the financial envelope for the changes being proposed might be and asked how the blueprint would be taken forward after being brought to the Consultative Committee. The Assistant Director confirmed that an initial analysis had been conducted on the capacity and penetration rate, it was estimated that with the current population and a basic model and basic improvements, subsidies could be potentially decreased by half but this can change according to final design and model  For the next steps, the Assistant Director noted that it was important that the vision and capacity of the changing rooms be clarified together with the users to ensure there was a vision that was achievable to funding.


RESOLVED – That Members receive the report and provide feedback.


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