Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the committee


Completion of the Riverside Walkway

A Member requested an urgent update on this and a pledged date of completion/opening for the Riverside Walkway.


Another Member stated that she understood that there was a condition attached to an application whereby the hotel could not open until the walkway had been completed. A Member responded to state that the hotel had completed their requirements and installed a beautiful piece of walkway however, the City had failed to have the connecting parts ready which had caused the hotel some embarrassment as well as a delayed opening.


Officers undertook to provide a written update to all on these matters ahead of the next meeting.


COLPAI Travel Plan

A Member commented that residents had recently raised the issue of the travel plan for the COLPAI School site with her, stating that the Plan had suggested that there should be no traffic to the site. In reality, parents were frequently driving to the site to drop off and collect their children. Residents had raised this point with Officers and been told that the level to which the constraints of the Travel Plan can be imposed on third parties such as parents and guardians was extremely limited as it was not possible to take planning enforcement action against the legitimate and legal use of the public highway. The Member therefore questioned the use/value of the Travel Plan given that most developments had third party users.


Officers undertook to provide the Member with a written response on this.