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Energy Update

Report of the City Surveyor.


Members received a report of the City Surveyor providing an update on energy and carbon related issues.


A Member asked for further information on the various surveys referenced in the report, and if they were all relevant when considering the potential costs. An Officer replied that they were working with two companies on surveys, Vital Energy and Mitie. They had entered into a framework agreement with Vital Energy to identify opportunities, and the surveys were free of charge. Mitie were providing more holistic surveys to identify a wider issues across Net Zero for the Markets.


A Member said there seemed to be at least two separate gateway reports in progress to get spending. An Officer replied that they would like to streamline the process and would be looking to take advantage of delegated powers in the Climate Action Strategy Scheme of Delegation and delegated authorities following the Gateway 2 paper.


A Member asked if officers felt that the City Corporation had the right approach in energy procurement, as the last time energy had been procured the night-time operations of the markets had not been taken into account. An Officer replied that the each supplier and the profile of energy usage from the supplier is reviewed, with unit rates provided accordingly. The officer undertook to investigate this in further detail and provide a response.


A Member congratulated officers in the reduction in carbon footprint evidenced in the repot. They said that this reduction appeared to have been achieved mainly through resources drawn from the Markets Board’s budget, and asked if officers would in future be able to access the City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy fund, which was available for projects of this nature, as this would have helped to generate additional resource for the project. In reply, officers undertook to work with the Chamberlain’s Department to see what they could do to access this fund.


A Member expressed their hope that officers would do everything to ensure that all alternative methods of energy would be available for the new Markets site. An officer replied that the current surveys being undertaken would help to explore all opportunities. It was also important to


The Chairman requested that officers return in six months with a further update.


RESOLVED, that – the report be received and its contents noted.


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