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LCF 2022 Evaluation Report

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


The Board received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services updating Members on the outcomes of the London Careers Festival (LCF) 2022 accompanied by a presentation on the same subject.


The Board was pleased with the media coverage of the festival, noting that it was the first time the LCF had been covered by the BBC.


A Member queried how businesses were being encouraged to engage with the local community, given that workers were travelling into the City for work less frequently than they had historically. It was agreed that Officers would explore this point further with the Member outside of the meeting.


A Member informed the Board that it was important that dates for the LCF were established three to five years in advance as this would enable schools to include it within their academic calendar and prepare for the event. The Member suggested developing a school stakeholder map to allow for targeted communications to schools focusing on particular career pathways. The Member also suggested that the Board could work with businesses to develop the LCF into a week of volunteering.


In relation to social mobility, a Member noted that there remain a number of barriers to pupils from disadvantaged communities preventing them from entering businesses. The Member stated that given the current labour shortages it was an opportune time to encourage businesses to invest in developing a local, diverse workforce. It was noted that this would involve matching pupils with the correct business as well as developing their soft skills.


A Member noted that the City is now covered by Business Improvement Districts and suggested exploring involving these businesses in the LCF. The Board noted that it was important to utilise existing platforms to connect students into work placements. It was agreed that the role of the Board was to facilitate and enable this process.


The Board was informed that Officers were working actively to develop a partnership pool and to engage with neighbouring boroughs.


At this point, the Chair informed the Board that the Deputy Chair was the only candidate who had put themselves forward to chair the LCF. As such, the Education Board agreed that the Deputy Chair should be appointed to this role.


RESOLVED, that –

·       the LCF 2022 evaluation report with key outcomes and achievements be noted;

·       the recommendations for LCF 2023 and onwards be noted.

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