Agenda item

Outstanding References

Joint report of the Town Clerk and Commissioner.


The Board considered a report of the Town Clerk which set out the Outstanding References from previous meetings of the Board.


The Board noted that the communications with the relevant newly appointed secretary of state and ministers would be progressing accordingly with further opportunities for engagement explored further. 


Officers confirmed that an interim report on the City of London Police’s Corporate Services review would be presented to the Board in November with a further report on the final position to be presented once finalised. The Chair noted that the Resource, Risk and Estates Committee would be the primary body to review this document but it would be important for the Board to also consider this.


The Chair instructed that references to the CCTV provision at the Barbican Estate and the joint report on the City of London Corporation and City of London Police responsibilities under Protect Duty be included on the ORs. 

RESOLVED – That the report be noted.

Supporting documents: