Agenda item

Annual Review of the Committee's Terms of Reference

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members received a report of the Town Clerk & Chief Executive relative to the annual review of the Committee’s terms of reference.


The Town Clerk informed Members that it would be necessary to revise the terms of reference to remove item (j), regarding the Committee’s responsibility for the City of London Police Museum, as the Committee had approved the closure of this Museum in March 2021.


Members asked for clarification on the Committee’s role in the Cultural Strategy, referred to at item (m) on the terms of reference. Officers replied that the Destination City programme and the Cultural Strategy were interrelated, and the committee would continue to have a role in these. The Committee noted some Members’ views that the Committee should have a view in developing the Cultural Strategy, noting also the Corporation policy that the way forward on the Cultural Strategy is through Destination City - a unit that is currently (for the most part) newly-staffed.



RESOLVED, that – the terms of reference be considered and the revision to remove the reference to the City of London Police Museum be noted.


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