Agenda item


To agree the public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 11 October 2022.


The Committee considered the public minutes of the meeting held on 11 October 2022 and approved them as a correct record.



Apologies for absence (page 7) – A Member stated that, on occasion, Members had to recuse themselves from meetings of this Committee owing to personal or professional conflicts of interest and in order to avoid any instances of perceived bias. She queried whether, in these instances, the reasons given for apologies could also be recorded in future minutes for full transparency.


The Chairman stated that he felt that this would be a useful addition and asked that the Town Clerk action this going forward.


Outstanding Actions (page 16) – A Member requested whether this could continue to feature in the main agenda pack for all future meetings of the grand Committee to ensure that it remained up to date and was given appropriate focus.  


Completion of the Riverside Walkway (page 16) – A Member stated that he had received an update on the project but was still yet to receive confirmation of a completion date. Officers reported that there were ongoing issues with one of the subcontractors that they were still attempting to resolve. As soon as there was progress on this, a further update and details of a completion date would be provided to Members.


Building of the Year – 22 Bishopsgate (page 17) – A Member stated that she had noticed that all of the trees outside of this building had been completely cut down and questioned why this was the case and whether there were plans to reinstate these in due course. The Planning and Development Director reported that Officers had meetings scheduled to discuss this matter and would provide an update to the Committee at their next meeting.




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