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To agree the public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 1 November 2022.



The Sub-Committee received the public minutes of the Planning and Transportation Committee meeting held on 1 November 2022.


The Chairman highlighted that, as these were minutes of the Grand Committee they would be officially signed off by the next meeting of that scheduled for 10 January 2023, but were here today for information.



CRIPPLEGATE HOUSE 1 GOLDEN LANE LONDON EC1Y 0RR (pages 7-29) – A Member questioned why the comment made as to etiquette and the conduct of debate at the last meeting had not been minuted. The Chairman highlighted that this had also been raised in advance by another Member via email. He highlighted that the purpose of the minutes was to record matters that were pertinent to or impacted upon the decision reached and that they were not designed to be a verbatim record of the meeting. However, he stated that if the Committee were of the strong opinion that this comment ought to also be articulated in the minutes then he was happy to discuss this and the appropriate form of wording for this. The Member commented that she was of the view that, in this instance, the comment ought to feature.


At the invitation of the Chairman, the Town Clerk highlighted that the entirety of the public session of the last meeting had been recorded and was therefore available on the City’s webpages.


Some Members made the general point that the minutes of these meetings ought to be reduced as opposed to expanded further given that they were already 35 pages long in this particular instance.


22 Bishopsgate (page 7) – In response to a question regarding the trees at 22 Bishopsgate, the Planning and Development Director reported that he had been made aware that the trees that were part of the approved scheme here had unfortunately and, quite unusually, failed. He added that the original landscape architects were now undertaking a very detailed assessment as to the reasons for the failure which would precede the replanting of the trees in this location.



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