Agenda item

National Lead Force Performance Report

Report of the Commissioner.


The Committee received a report of the Commissioner on the National Lead Force Performance report.


Following a Member’s question  Officers undertook to include all Committee Members in media coverage summary emails.


In response to a query raised by the Chair the Force’s asset recovery process was confirmed explaining that, whilst it was difficult to accurately predict it was expected the assets recovered would increase with the funding of the responsible team. However, it was noted that this would not be a completely linear relationship between funding and asset recovery.


Following a Member’s question it was explained that a more proactive approach was being established in relation to fraud through mobile phones highlighting the fraud sector charter on telecommunications which it was hoped would assist this process.


The Committee received an update on Operation Elaborate. The Chair commented that he was encouraged to observe that these operations were intelligence led showing the importance of the public reporting. Officers noted that there would be more work to make investigations as proactive as possible going forward.


A Member noted that reducing abandoned calls was a key metric that needed to be effectively managed.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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