Agenda item

City Greening and Biodiversity

Report of the Executive Director Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director Environment relating to Phase 3 of the Cool Streets and Greening programme.


In response to a query from the Chair, Members were informed that the key risks to the project included: maintenance costs, the reduction of the scope of the project and its affordability.


The Committee discussed the utilisation of above-ground planters. Members were informed that the most sustainable approach was planting into the ground.


A Member noted that the report did not refer to flight paths for pollinators and stated that it was important to take a holistic approach to greening and biodiversity.


In response to a query from a Member, the Committee was informed that the City Corporation had been involved in the design development of the Thames Tideway Tunnel in order to maximise the greenery incorporated into the project.


In response to a query relating to the Finsbury Circus ‘Western Arm’, the Committee was informed that this project was funded from section 106 contributions and it was anticipated to proceed in 2023/24.


RESOLVED, that -

a)    The proposals for re-landscaping and re-planting strategically located sites in the City are approved to reach Gateway 5 as described in this report;


b)    The additional budget of £95,000 for design development of the re-landscaping and re-planting proposals is approved to reach the next Gateway, funded from the On Street Parking Reserve (OSPR) Climate Action Strategy funding agreed for the Cool Streets and Greening programme;


c)    Members note that the tree planting proposals have already been approved at Gateway 5 at a total estimated cost of £755,000 (excluding risk) and are to be implemented across the next two planting seasons;


d)    Members note the total estimated cost of the project (Phase 3) at £2.5m (excluding risk).


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