Agenda item

Barbican Estate Office Review


Members noted that the Project Board had been meeting on a 2-weekly basis and included the Chair of the RCC, the Interim Head of Barbican Estates and the independent Consultant.


The discovery stage of the project had included surveys, focus groups and drop in centres for both staff and residents.  Although this stage had now closed, 1-1 meetings were still taking place with residents and staff.   Members noted that the report was expected in February 2023, for presentation to the March RCC and BRC Meetings.  An interim report was expected before the end of this calendar year, setting out immediate actions and observations, and this would be shared with RCC and BRC Members.   Members stressed that those officers highly valued by residents; i.e. – the former car park attendants, be taken into consideration as part of the review.


In concluding, the Chair welcomed the review and the opportunity to build a new interactive structure, which would involve residents in the services being offered by the Estate Office.  The Chair and Deputy Chair had also met with the Consultant to emphasise the importance of communications as, historically, this had been the biggest point of failure.