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Sundry Trusts Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021/22

Report of the BHE & Charities Finance Director (representing the Chamberlain).


Members received a report of the Bridge House Estates and Charities Finance Director (representing the Chamberlain) relative to the Sundry Trusts Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021/22.


RESOLVED, that – Members:


      i.         Consider the contents of the audit management report issued by Crowe LLP;

     ii.        Note that the external auditor Crowe LLP is anticipating giving an unqualified audit opinion on 2 sets of audited charity annual reports, and that work has not yet commenced on 2 others which will be brought for approval separately;

    iii.        Note that the independent examiner Crowe LLP is anticipating giving an unmodified report for the 7 sets of independently examined charity annual reports;

   iv.        Note for information the 3 of the 4 sets of annual reports which are no longer subject to audit and independent examination, with the fourth set being brought separately for approval due to delays in preparation; and

     v.        Recommend approval of the annual reports of the 12 charities presented for the year ended 31 March 2022, to the Finance Committee for those charities where the Corporation is Trustee; to the Aldermen for the Emmanuel Hospital charity where the Corporation is acting by the Court of Aldermen as the named corporate trustee; and to the individual trustees of the Sir William Coxen Trust Fund and the Samuel Wilson Loan Charity.

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