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Draft High-Level Business Plan 2023/24 - Innovation & Growth

To consider the report of the Executive Director, Innovation & Growth.


The Committee considered the report of the Executive Director, Innovation & Growth.


On Operational Property Requirements (p. 23 of the agenda), the Committee noted that the matter of the team’s accommodation had been raised at the Policy & Resources Committee meeting of 19 Jan 2023, noting also that broad support had been expressed at that Committee to ensuring that the Destination City team is able to be properly accommodated at Guildhall, with implementation expected during  February 2023.


On the final bullet point of section 3 of the main report (p. 16 of the agenda) relating to Destination City, a Member expressed disappointment that the ambition was not as broad as had originally been suggested. The Committee heard that Destination City was a long-term plan with long-term, far-reaching objectives.


A Member commented that the City of London Information Centre at St Paul’s Cathedral was only open 5 days a week, which was inconsistent with the 7-day City mindset. The meeting heard that recruitment issues were affecting the staffing capability of the Centre, and that new talent was coming through that would meet an expectation that the Centre would be open 7 days a week by March 2023.


A Member commented that it would be beneficial to include more detailed information on the income levels of those engaging with culture in the City. The meeting heard that inclusivity parameters would be examined in greater detail as the programme was rolled out within the confines of the ultimate aim of driving footfall and delivering spend. 


A Member commented that a clearer acknowledgement of the role of the insurance sector and its relationship to green finance would be welcome. 



RESOLVED, That the Committee 


               i.         Note the factors taken into consideration in compiling the Innovation & Growth Business Plan; and


              ii.         Approve the departmental 2023/24 Innovation & Growth Business Plan.



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