Agenda item

Special Events on the Highway

To consider the report of the Executive Director of the Environment.


The Committee considered the report of the Executive Director, Environment, noting also the amended figure relating to parking suspensions on 06 October 2022 (appendix 4) that was circulated the day before the meeting.


A Member sought clarification on whether any events were scheduled around the May 2023 coronation. The meeting heard that no State-level events were expecting to take place within the Square Mile and there were currently no Corporation-led events planned for the Coronation. The meeting heard that Destination City was working with City BIDs on arranging street activities for the Coronation weekend.


A Member commented that residents were sometimes frustrated by restrictions arising from the planned events, and that those residents would welcome forward notification of these events to their addresses. The meeting noted that all the information was on the website, and that contact details of anyone requiring updates would be welcome.


A Member commented that users of vital vehicles would welcome the facility to park their vehicle where appropriate. The meeting noted that the third-party organisers were required to fund additional parking facilities.    


RESOLVED, That Members


1.    Agree to support the regular core events programme listed in paragraph 7 and detailed in Appendix 1; and

2.    Agree to support the additional one-off events outlined in paragraphs 14-22, subject to final assessment regarding safety, licencing, traffic orders (where required) and impact on local stakeholders.

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