Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the Sub Committee


Referencing Moor Lane environmental enhancements considered by the Committee in July 2022, a Member commented that the scheme may not have been considered in its entirety, expressing concerns around the delays (to September 2023) and asking whether the west side of the street would be completed. The Member sought clarification on whether a small area had been taken out of scope.

The Committee noted that the process had been ongoing since at least 2012, and that any further consultation might benefit from being more user-friendly.  

The Committee heard that communication on delays with the developer was ongoing, and that the Corporation had no control over those delays. A further report was expected to be submitted to the Committee on the scheme during the first half of 2023 that would take into account the feedback received, and the aim was to ensure that all the work ran concurrently to reduce disruption.

A Member asked who was meeting the costs of these delays, noting that a firm line should be taken on asking for developer funding if the developer was the cause of the delay. The meeting heard that the developer was funding all east-side works and that the current agreement did not provide for developer funding of delays to the west-side works, noting that the cost of the west-side works still fell within the budget envelope due to changes made to the programme, though there were other reasons for the delay. 


On the bus review, a Member asked whether a view had been expressed on the number 11 bus, noting that the local MP was running a campaign to keep it going.  The meeting heard that a consultation had taken place, and that no view had formally been taken beyond that noting also that a different route was being re-named to 11.