Agenda item

City Cluster Vision - Well-being & Climate Change resilience programme: Jubilee Gardens Improvements

To consider the report of the Executive Director, Environment.


The Committee considered the report of the Executive Director, Environment.



RESOLVED, That the Committee


1.    Agree authorisation to implement the Jubilee Gardens relandscaping works as set out in Appendix 3;

2.    Approve an increase in the project budget of £80,000 to a total cost of £680,000 (excluding risk) to be funded from 60-70 St Mary Axe (S106), 40 Leadenhall Street (S106 LCEIW), Cool Streets & Greening Programme (OSPR) - funding breakdown is set out in Appendix 5;

3.    Approve a Costed Risk Provision of £95,000 (to be drawn down via delegation to Chief Officer) funded by 40 Leadenhall Street (S106 LCEIW), taking the total budget (including risk) to £775,000;

4.    Agree that the Comptroller and City Solicitors Department are permitted to finalise all necessary legal agreement amendments to facilitate the implementation of relandscaping works to Jubilee Gardens; and

5.    Delegate authority to the Executive Director of Environment and Chamberlain to adjust the project budget between staff costs, fees and works, provided the overall budget is not exceeded beyond standard tolerances (inclusive of interest accrued to date).


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