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Vision Zero Plan 2023 - 2028

To consider the report of the Executive Director, Environment.


12.      Vision Zero Plan 2023 - 2028

The Committee considered the report of the Executive Director, Environment.


A discussion ensued, during which the following points were made:


-        Focus should be concentrated going forward on safe behaviours – approximately 50% of City accidents are caused by inattention, there are a significant minority of cyclists who flout the highway code and pedestrians who put themselves and others at risk by using their smart phones when crossing busy streets.

-        A commitment to eliminate KSIs by 2040 is unachievable – this is an admirable aspiration which should be maintained - but we should not be committing to outcomes that we know are unrealistic.

-        Proper enforcement of existing speed limits is critical, otherwise the benefit of recent reductions to 20mph is reduced;

-        Lower speeds reduce the incidence of serious injury in the event of a collision;

-        Consistent speed limits across boroughs would be welcome;

-        A cyclist could reasonably expect to travel at 15mph so if the speed limit was reduced to 15mph, cyclists would feel safer and this would encourage cycling;

-        Speed-limiting devices are currently fitted to about a third of TfL buses travelling through the City;

-        It is important for the City to continue to be accessible to vehicles, particularly for those servicing our businesses;

-        Further low-tech measures including pedestrian refuges which help traffic-calming are worth considering; and 

-        There are fewer pedestrian barriers and more dropped kerbs in the City than there used to be, which has altered the pedestrian environment.


A Member disagreed with elements of the draft Plan, noting the change of classification of serious injury and the cumulative effect to the City of the action points, including speed reductions that could negatively impact vehicle movement.


A Member asked whether evidence was available to support a reduction from 20mph to 15mph. The Committee heard that such figures were not currently available and heard that research strongly suggested that speed reductions reduced injuries. The Committee asked for further data on the impact of a reduction from 20mph to 15mph.


RESOLVED, That the Committee agree with the recommendation to progress the draft Vision Zero Plan to the Police Authority Board and to the Planning & Transportation Committee for further consideration, noting the points made above.


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