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40 Leadenhall Street Section 278 highway works (including deferred works from the 52-54 Lime Street S278), 10 Fenchurch Ave S278 projects, and 51 Lime St S106 public realm enhancements

To consider the report of the Executive Director, Environment


The Committee considered the following reports together: 40 Leadenhall Street


The Committee considered the following reports together: 40 Leadenhall Street Section 278 highway works (including deferred works from the 52-54 Lime Street S278 and 10 Fenchurch Avenue S278 projects); and 51 Lime Street S106 public realm enhancements – outstanding work.


A Member queried the £1.2M costings figure and asked whether there was money still to spend. The meeting heard that the initial figure was an estimate range and that the current more detailed estimate was robust. It was confirmed that no money was being returned to the developer at this time.


A Member asked why only a part of the pavement was being taken over (according to the plans submitted). The meeting heard that the amended land adoption was negotiated with the developer and that the developer was being charged under a commuted maintenance sum for its future maintenance, therefore there was no financial risk to the City under the current plans.


A Member asked whether there would be any discernible difference in the surface finishings of the roadway and/or footway either side of the lines shown on the plans. The meeting heard that different building materials were expected to be used, and there would be clear delineation between the two.


A Member asked for further information on the methodology used in drawing up the table on p.25 of the main agenda pack to be submitted to the Grand Committee and to the forthcoming awayday.


A Member asked whether a cleansing arrangement could be agreed with a building owner/developer (particularly for cleaning up when people have been unwell on private land), noting the difficulties of asking the building’s owner to maintain and cleanse the area. The meeting noted that such arrangements and requests presented a challenge, and that discussions were ongoing and needed to take into account elements of privately-owned infrastructure (such as rising bollards). The Committee noted that a Late Night Levy was already in place in respect of licensed premises.     


RESOLVED, That the Committee


1.     Note and approve the contents of the reports and the intention to complete outstanding works;

2.     Approve an increase in the approved budget of £995,111 (an increase of £895,111, excluding costed risk and commuted maintenance) to reach Gateway 6;

3.     Approve the Risk Register in Appendix 2 and the requested Costed Risk Provision of £190,000, and approve delegation to the Executive Director Environment to authorise the drawdown of funds from this register;

4.     Note the Commuted Maintenance sum of £47,135;

5.     Note the revised total project cost of £1,232,246 inclusive of costed risk and commuted maintenance; 52-54 Lime Street and 10 Fenchurch Avenue S278 projects;

6.     Approve that the previously approved works from 52-54 Lime Street and 10 Fenchurch Avenue projects which were deferred (as shown in Appendix 4 and 5 respectively) will be delivered using their existing funding alongside the improvements around 40 Leadenhall Street;

7.     Approve the budget adjustment for the 10 Fenchurch Avenue S278 project as shown in Appendix 6;

8.     Note that the associated remaining budget is sufficient to complete the 52-54 Lime Street S278 work; and

9.     Approve the additional tree-planting and budget adjustment in respect of 51 Lime St as set out in Appendix 1 to the 51 Lime St report to enable the works to proceed.


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