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Special Events on the Highway

To consider the report of the Executive Director, Environment


The Committee considered the report of the Executive Director, Environment.


A Member commented that Sunday closures were likely to impact on congregations attending places of worship. The meeting heard that the matter had been taken into consideration, particularly in respect of the impact of event closures on the churches of St Bride’s and St Magnus-the-Martyr (among others).


On the Sports Strategy (paragraph 22) a Member expressed concern that any consultation appeared more formal in nature than was actually the case. The meeting heard that the view would be fed back to the forum, and that formal engagement was desirable.


On appendix 4, a Member queried the accuracy of the parking suspension figures in respect of the St Matthew’s Day Parade of 06 October 2022, noting that a corrected version would be circulated within the next week. 


The meeting heard that Destination City had recently proposed a reconstituted St Bartholomew’s Fair in September 2023.  


RESOLVED, That the Committee


1.    Agree to support the regular core events programme listed in paragraph 7 and detailed in Appendix 1;

2.    Agree to support the additional one-off events outlined in paragraphs 14-22, subject to final assessment regarding safety, licencing, traffic orders (where required) and impact on local stakeholders; and

3.    Note the benefits in kind listed in Appendix 4, subject to a correction of the error shown in respect of parking suspension figures against the event of 06 October 2022.

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