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City of London Police Staff Survey Update

Report of the Commissioner.


The Board received a report of the Commissioner which provided the City of London Police Staff Survey update.


A Member highlighted the low scores in the Staff Survey on confidence in the decisions made by senior leaders and requested further information on actions planned to improve this. Officers explained that whist these responses related to the senior managers rather than chief officers these responses were a concern and explained that development plans to be integrated at all levels of management had been established to address this.


Responding to a Member’s comment Officers confirmed that year on year analysis of the Staff Survey would be completed and that options for benchmarking against other forces would be explored.


A member of the Board observed that the response rates were low compared to the Private Sector and suggested that an engagement plan was needed to improve this with the aim to reach around eighty percent.


Following a discussion relating to stress levels reported in the survey the City Wellbeing Centre was highlighted as a valuable resource for those staff members who were more comfortable seeking support outside of their work.


The Chair noted that the Staff Survey represented an improved position and direction of travel but also highlighted that further work was need particularly on response numbers.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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