Agenda item

Traffic Order Review - Phase 2 Update


The Committee considered the report of the Executive Director, Environment.


A Member sought clarification on the status of Bishopsgate as part of the review.

The meeting heard that Bishopsgate was part of the TfL network, and that no information had yet been provided by TfL on the status of Bishopsgate as part of TfL’s Traffic Orders. Recommendations based on that information could be submitted to the Committee once that information had been provided. The previously-agreed experimental scheme at Bishopsgate would not be covered by the review as such a scheme is subject to review by its nature.  


Referencing paragraphs 13 and 14, a Member noted the resources dedicated to the exercise so far, commenting on the benefit of collating the information contained in the report. 


A Member suggested that a note be written to Members outlining the current report contents offering the option of accessing the report submitted to this Committee in order to give Common Councillors the opportunity to properly scrutinise the report.


The Committee noted that the report was expected to be submitted to the Planning & Transportation Committee in March 2023, and then to the Court of Common Council.



RESOLVED, That the Committee


1.    Agree the scoring against Transport Strategy outcomes for each category of traffic order, as detailed in Appendix 1;

2.    Note the outcome of the Stage 2a desktop review, which has ranked all TMOs and measures as detailed in Appendix 2; and

3.    Agree to progress the 75 highest-ranking TMOs and measures for further investigation during Stage 2b, as outlined in paragraph 12 and highlighted in Appendix 2.