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Committee Visit to Wren Church with newly installed Air Source Heat Pumps

A Member commented that the Sub-Committee had recently been offered the opportunity to visit a church where air source heat pumps had been installed to replace the heating system for economical reasons rather than for environmental reasons. The building had single glazing which could not be changed as they were stained glass windows and the walls could not be insulated. Only the roof could be insulated. The building had to be heated all the time as it was used seven days a week. The prices of electricity and gas had been considered before installing an air source heat pump system. He asked how this could be encouraged across the City of London.


An Officer advised that this could be included in the Climate Action work stream as a positive example along with another church where photovoltaic panels and a green roof had been installed on the roof. The city had many sensitive assets for which it was more difficult to include measures that could be used in an office building.


Thavies Inn

A Member asked a question about the inclusion in the delegated decisions report of the demolition of Thavies Inn House as this had been approved by the Sub-Committee. Officers advised that it was presumed that it had been issued as the Section 106 had been signed. The Member asked that in the future where this was the case, it was explained in the report.